Opening a Magic Brow® franchise will give you the best of both worlds—the opportunity to start your own business with the credibility and recognizability of an existing brand. 

Magic Brow® is not a standard hair and beauty salon or spa. Honing in on specialized services has allowed Magic Brow® to become an industry leader. Threading, facials, waxing, and microdermabrasion have become staple services that keep loyal customers coming back. Magic Brow® locations have seen a significant growth since its opening and are already a popular and well-regarded name in the industry. With two Unit options to choose from, franchisees have the flexibility to decide what core services they would like to have their specific franchise focus on Full-Service Salon Model allows for the full offerings of Magic Brow® Services from Skin Care to Threading, while the Basic Service Salon Model allows the franchisee to focus on the core service of threading.

Starting a new business is not easy but it is much more promising with the knowledge and resources of a larger and already successful organization standing beside you. Opening a Magic Brow® franchise is the perfect venture for those who seek an opportunity with a proven brand. A Magic Brow® franchisee receives extensive operational and technical training by a team of professional experts including:

Threading and Skin Care Experts — All services provided by Magic Brow® are included in our extensive training program. The business of threading, facials, waxing, and microdermabrasion services is not only taught, but you are also educated on how to hire appropriate staff to provide services and have customers enjoy a memorable experience.

Marketing Professionals — Our Marketing program is designed to make the best impact in the franchisee's local area. Magic Brow® will provide solid marketing strategies and support to the franchisee, including key brand essentials from the website and advertising templates, to store signage and customer brochures.

Premises Design — From site selection, construction, to build-out, our team outlines and assists during all phases of the build-out process to keep everything running smoothly and offers advice on any construction-specific issues that may arise.

Business Operation Coaches — Understanding the value of maintaining a financially healthy business, we provide comprehensive support to all franchisees; from budgeting and goal setting to business operational reviews.