As a Magic Brow franchisee, we will provide you with ongoing support from the start. From startup up to daily operations, we have you covered. 


Each franchisee will receive extensive training, including hands-on operational and administrative training.

Training is conducted at our headquarters in Southern California, or other location that is agreed upon. The initial training is in addition to the on-site opening assistance that will be provided as part of beginning operations. As a new franchisee, we want to facilitate the procuring of a qualified and trained staff. Well-trained employees are essential to success, by providing extensive training in the field and office we will equip you with the knowledge on how to train and retain your employees. 


Everyone has heard how important “location, location, location” is for any business to succeed. The Magic Brow® Franchise professionals will support you during the search for the best location and during lease negotiations. During this crucial time, our team will provide industry insights, review the facts concerning the layout of the community, traffic patterns and analyze potential competitors.

Magic Brow Franchise has developed worksheets and instructions to assist during the site selection process, which include: 

  • Consideration of Long-Range Store Development Plans
  • A Real Estate and Construction Checklist
  • Using a Unique Rating Score Sheet


If a franchisee desires to lock in a territory to open more operations, we are willing to discuss Development And Expansion Agreements to include a number of Magic Brow Locations to be developed in a defined geographic area over a specified period of time. 


The typical length of time from contract signing to operation: 120 days. 

As a result of our “salon-in-a-box” concept, franchisees can open for business in a considerably short period of time. We have developed an Architect Design specifying a salon’s layout, which can be quickly adjusted to accommodate the location selected. 

Magic Brow®  provides a conceptual construction plan for each salon location to be used by the franchisee; you may choose your own contractor provided they comply with the accreditation standards. Magic Brow Franchise has selected Pacific Construction Analysts to assist the franchisee as the construction project manager for a reasonable fee. The construction project manager will assist with building requirements and can make recommendations on potential contractors in your area. The construction project manager also participates in a pre-construction meeting, a construction-in-progress review, and a final punch list for each new Magic Brow project.


The Point of Sale System that has been selected will allow for smooth and effective business operations, capturing and providing you with the management information to track your success and profitability.  The POS system simplifies the interaction between franchisee and Magic Brow. We have taken the position that by investing in technology today, it will be there for you tomorrow.

The software features include:

  • Provides the ability to accept all payment types: credit, cash, check
  • Has a fully integrated customer loyalty program
  • Will track inventory
  • Provides an employee time clock
  • Will track employee sales and activity
  • Will provide and maintain a customer database
  • Will track customer history